Maltodextrin Powder (Rice Syrup Solids)

Maltodextrin powder is a widely used food additive and carbohydrate-based ingredient. It is derived from starch, typically sourced from corn, wheat, rice, or potato. Through a hydrolysis process, the starch is broken down into shorter chains of glucose molecules, resulting in a fine, white powder known as maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin powder serves various purposes in the food industry. While it is not particularly sweet on its own, it enhances the texture and mouthfeel of food products. It acts as a bulking agent, adding substance and thickness to sauces, dressings, desserts, and powdered mixes. With its ability to absorb and retain moisture, maltodextrin contributes to the stability and shelf life of these products.

Another valuable characteristic of maltodextrin is its neutral flavor. It serves as an excellent carrier for flavors, colors, and other additives in powdered formulations. This ensures an even distribution of these ingredients and enhances the overall sensory experience.

  • Maltodextrin powder, often derived from rice, is a carbohydrate additive.
  • It serves as a thickener, bulking agent, and filler in various foods.
  • Commonly used in sports supplements and powdered drink mixes.
  • Maltodextrin provides a source of quick-release energy due to its rapid digestion.


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